Rully Nere: Forged by Papua’s Nature, Giving the Highest Achievement for Indonesia – Rully Rudolf Nere, a legendary figure for the Indonesian national team, tells the story of his struggle forged in Papua, until he was able to record the highest achievement. Rully Nere, a remarkable talent from Indonesia, was born and grew up in Kampung Harapan, Papua, where the Lukas Enembe Stadium or Papua Bangkit Stadium is now being built.

In Kampung Harapan, every child likes to play soccer, even if only armed with baseball or woven leaves. From there, you can see Rully Nere’s talent.

“Why can I stand out, because I have liked to run since I was little, I am physically strong because I walk from home to school, if I take a car it can take 25 minutes,” said Rully Nere. “I usually go to the garden with my parents, we go up the mountain on foot, so nature makes us strong,” said Rully Nere through the Youtube GAN Channel.

Over time, Rully Nere’s hard work at a young age made him enter the Persipura Jayapura squad. Rully’s career is getting brighter in the Galatama competition. “Only when I entered Persipura, I learned about the structured exercises, Persija Jakarta won the last United in 1978, I also participated. I also participated in Warna Agung, I also participated, the first time we participated in the Galatama, in 1979,” explained Rully again.

Thanks to his good play in the midfield position, Rully Nere was finally called up to strengthen the Indonesian national team at the 1979 SEA Games, and qualified for the final.

Rully Nere’s game in the midfield sector, greatly impacted the National Team. Then, he was immediately recruited by the Yanita Utama team. Together with Yanita Utama, Rully Nere successfully advanced to the Asian Club Championship, and this is the highest achievement for the Indonesian club.

“We represent Indonesia to the Asian Club Championship in Arabia, we have ever won the third place, the highest achievement from an Indonesian club,” Rully Nere finished on Youtube GAN Channel

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