Road Map of Government and Acting Governor for 3 DOBs of Papua – The division of Papua Province into 3 new autonomous regions (DOB) as outlined in the bill and approved by the Indonesian Parliament on June 30, 2022, is being followed up by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri).

A Head of the Information Center (Kapuspen) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Benny Irawan, explained that his party was discussing a number of important points with the relevant ministries/agencies (K/L), while waiting for the 3 Papua New Guinea Laws to be enacted or signed by President Joko Widodo.

“Because after it has been ratified and promulgated (later), we will officially move the government, not only the Ministry of Home Affairs itself,” he said, Tuesday (5/7).

Benny said the Ministry of Home Affairs had sat down with a number of K/L such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of PPN/Bappenas, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of PAN-RB, BKN, as well as several other institutions.

“So while waiting for the promulgation , we actually sat down together to carry out initial discussions, so that earlier preparations could be made as well for the follow-up to the ratification of the law (3 DOBs of Papua),” he explained.

In the discussion with the Ministries/Agencies that have been carried out, the Ministry of Home Affairs has prepared a number of important things in the process of forming a government in the 3 new autonomous regions of Papua.

Broadly speaking, he explained, these are grouped into two major groups. First, the support or facilities provided before the formation of government in each new autonomous region. Then the second stage is after the establishment of the government in the new autonomous region.

“Now, each of these stages is divided into several activities, several policies. So this is what we put into the road map for the administration of government in the 3 new autonomous regions going forward,” he explained.

In addition, the short-term plan that is likely to be carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs after the 3 DOB Laws are promulgated is to prepare for the ratification of 3 new provinces and the appointment of an acting governor, who will run the wheels of government until a regional head is elected through election results in 2024.

“Well, the government is preparing for now, from time to time. We have discussed it while waiting for the law that was passed earlier to be officially enacted,” he said.

“So we are not waiting. We are just starting to prepare it, so that later it can be carried out more quickly,” said Benny.

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