Ricky Kambuaya Receives a Car Prize from the Governor of West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, gave a gift of one car to Ricky Kambuaya, who was considered to be outstanding and made West Papua proud, including when he defended the Indonesian national team.

The prize for one unit of Toyota Avanza was handed over directly by Governor Dominggus Mandacan to outstanding footballer Ricky Kambuaya in Sorong city, Wednesday.

The governor said that the prize was for Ricky Kambuaya’s achievements who brought the good name of West Papua and Sorong through football on the national and international arenas.

He said that the West Papuan government certainly cares about Papuan children who excel and make the region proud. This is evidenced by Ricky Kambuaya, one of the outstanding children in the field of football who must be given an award by the government.

He added that the prize for one car, which was given to the best player in the 2020 AFF Cup final, was an award given by the West Papua provincial government to outstanding children in West Papua.

Ricky Kambuaya, who gave a separate statement, expressed his gratitude to the West Papuan government in this regard to the governor, Dominggus Mandacan, for paying attention to him.

“Mr. Governor is my parent, thank you for giving me a gift. And this is a motivation for me to keep working,” said Ricky Kambuaya, who recently moved from Persebaya Surabaya to Persib Bandung.

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