RI Responds to Allegations of Papua Issues in the UN Assembly, Sindy: Vanuatu’s Accusations Propel a Conflict

goodmorningpapua.com – Several Papuan issues were mentioned again by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Bob Loughman, in the UN General Assembly, Sunday (26/9). Indonesia got aghast by the repeated allegations of human rights transgressions by Vanuatu.

A Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia in New York, Sindy Nur Fitri, in the UN General Assembly affirmed that the accusation was untrue.

“These accusations generate false and empty hopes, and only trigger a conflict, which sadly suffers many innocent lives,” said Sindy, Sunday (26/9).

She believes that Vanuatu is trying to arrange an impression  to the international world that that Indonesia doesn’t care about human rights issues. Vanuatu is said to have distorted the human rights.

“Vanuatu deliberately turned a blind eye when this armed separatist criminal group killed nurses, health workers, teachers, construction workers and law enforcement officers,” she said.

In fact, Indonesia questioned Vanuatu’s attitude regarding incidents of assaults on health workers, police and military personnel.

“When a number of construction workers were brutally murdered, why did Vanuatu choose to keep silent? When teachers were mercilessly slaughtered, why did Vanuatu choose to remain silent?” said Sindy.

She emphasized that Vanuatu’s attitude in questioning the Papua status  is something that does not need to be debated anymore.  Because, this is considered to violate the ends and principles of the United Nations Charter and is contrary to the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning the Friendship Relations and Cooperation among States.

“Indonesia is a pluralistic country with a democratic spirit, respecting the rule of law, good governance and social justice and we continue to strive to fulfill our commitment in promoting and protecting the human rights,” she concluded.

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