RI Informs PNG of New Province in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Directorate General of Territorial Administration Development successfully held the 36th meeting of the Joint Border Committee (JBC). This trial has been delayed for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This meeting is important for the two countries, for it aims to strengthen cooperative relations in various fields, especially in border areas, and discuss pending issues related to cross-border activities in the RI-Papua New Guinea border area.

The Indonesian delegation was led by Safrizal ZA, Director General of Regional Administration Development who also acts as chairman.

“This trial is not only strategic to discuss agreeing on pending issues so far, but is also special because it is being held for the first time after the improvement in the Covid-19 pandemic situation in our country,” said Safrizal in his statement, Saturday 17 December 2022.

Several important agenda items discussed at this meeting included reviewing the 1993 Special Arrangements on Traditional and Customary Border Crossing; follow up on MoU on Land Border Transportation and MoU Customs Arrangement; as well as discussion of cross-border cards between the two countries using the Border Pass (for Border Residents).

“During the discussion, it was also conveyed the latest developments in the formation of a new province in Papua, which of course had consequences for the management of the two countries’ land borders,” said Safrizal. Furthermore, the 36th Session of the RI-PNG Joint Border Committee (JBC) went well with the achievement of common goals, which ended with the resolution of pending issues related to RI-PNG border activities.

“Today, various pending issues have been agreed upon as outlined in the Record of Discussion which will be followed up by the governments of the two countries with cross-sectoral ministries/agencies in each country,” said Safrizal.

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