Rezza Octavia, a Young Mainstay Heroine of Papuan Archery – Octavia is a Pelatnas athlete who almost competed in the Tokyo Olympics. This female archer who was born in Sidoarjo, East Java on October 25, 2000, has participated in many times in the archery championship, even though PON XX will be her first debut to appear at the grand celebration of Indonesian sports.

Octavia started to engage in archery at the age of 9 years. At that time, her parents moved from Sidoarjo to Bojonegoro. From there she was introduced to the sport of archery and forged to be an athlete.

“I started in the world of archery when I was 9 years old. I was not born from a family of archery athletes. At that time, my mother and I moved to Bojonegoro from Sidoarjo in 2009. Finally, I was told to find an activity and I joined archery. It was introduced by my elementary school teacher. I started practicing archery since then,” said Octavia.

The Batak-Javanese archer recorded many achievements in archery championships from an early age in the Recurve Numbers, starting from the elementary school level to the national student one.

“I took part in the championship starting from the Sports Week (POR) of Elementary School. Then I took part in the POPDA 2016 at the age of 16, where I swept the gold. At the PPLP National Championship in 2016 I got a gold medal and in 2015 and 2017 I got a medal too. Then at POPNAS in 2017 I also participated and as a result I got 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal,” she explained.

Because he is still young and has many achievements, Octavia finally entered the radar of the Papuan archery team. She became one of the mainstay archers who were prepared to face the PON XX.  Octavia started to join the Papua team since 2018.

Octavia is a member of the National Training Team being prepared for the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, Octavia and her colleagues failed in the quarterfinals of the Pre-Olympic archery team from the Mexican team. Octavia has joined and trained at Pelatnas since 2020.

Octavia admitted that the attention of the Indonesian Archery Association (Perpani) of Papua was extraordinary during the training camp towards PON XX. Therefore, she was aiming for a gold medal.

Previously, the Chairperson of Papua Perpani, Juliana J. Waromi, admitted that she was proud that his athletes were included in the Olympic Training Team, which is a history for the Land of Papua.

“We are proud that Papuan archery athletes being prepared for PON XXhave been called to join the Olympic Archery Training Center. I hope that Octavia will be able to show her best ability later. She also has a high passion for achievement in this sport. We are targeting to get a gold medal at PON XX,” said Waromi.

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