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Revealed, here is the Origin of the Hundred Years Old Papuan Dani Tribe Mummy

goodmorningpapua.com – The Dani tribe mummies in Papua are known to be unique and attractive. Even, some of the mummies are hundreds of years old. Besides looking horrific, Dani mummies are also an attraction for tourists. So, what is the origin of the famous Dani mummies in Papua? The following reviews are summarized on Thursday (12/30/2021).

Offering mummy tourism, the Dani tribe in Papua has a mummy of approximately 350 years old located in Jiwika Village, Kurulu District, north Wamena City. This hundred-year-old mummy has the real name ‘Wim Motok Mabel’ which means in the local language is ‘great in war’.

During his lifetime, Wim Motok Mabel was known to be a great war tribal chief. This mummy was made so that children and grandchildren can remember him. Mabek asked for his body to be preserved before his death.

Reporting from the Instagram account @akupapuaasli on Thursday (12/30/2021), the mummy will comply a number of preservation processes by drying in the sun, placing it in a cave and then smoking it for a few weeks to a month. The mummy’s body fluids were drained out by a special procession.

“Every five years, the Dani tribe routinely did a Noken rope installation ceremony which indicates that embalming has been carried out in order to maintain the condition of the mummy’s body so that it is better maintained,” wrote Instagram @akupapuaasli. No wonder if you look closely, you will see hundreds of Noken ropes around the neck of Mummy. Not only a reminder of the past, the mummy of Wim Motok Mabel is also able to attract tourists to visit Papua.

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