Returning to Papua, an Indonesian National Team Star, Ricky Kambuaya, Receives a Motorbike – A star of the Indonesian national team in the 2020 AFF Cup, Ricky Kambuaya, received a motorbike as a prize when he returned to his hometown, Sorong City, West Papua. The prize was given by Ricky Kambuaya’s former club, Sorong City Persikos, and the Sorong City DPRD.

After completing the quarantine in Jakarta, Ricky Kambuaya decided to go straight back to Sorong City to meet his family. The 25-year-old player was greeted very glorious in Sorong City on Monday (10/1/2022) local time.

Arriving in Sorong City, Ricky Kambuaya and his mother, Yohana Kambu, were invited to a motorcycle dealer located on Jalan Malaingkedi.

At that time, Ricky Kambuaya was also accompanied by the Chair of the Sorong City DPRD, Petronela Kambuaya.

Not only that, some of Ricky Kambuaya’s playmates and childhood coach at Persikos Sorong City also accompanied him. After arriving at the designated dealer, Ricky Kambuya gets the freedom to choose which motorbike he likes. As a result, Ricky Kambuaya chose the Kawasaki KLX 150 BF.

“I will use the gift of this motorbike as well as possible. This motorbike must be maintained properly,” said Ricky after receiving the motorbike of his choice.

Meanwhile, Petronela as a Chair of the Sorong City DPRD said that she was very proud to see Ricky Kambuaya’s career growing rapidly. Petronela assesses that Ricky Kambuaya is now a representative of Sorong City.

“This is God’s answer for us, Papuan people, especially residents of Sorong. Two players are from Ayamaru, namely Boas Solossa and Ricky Kambuaya,” said Petronela when handing over the keys to the motorbike.

Ricky Kambuaya was one of the important pillars of the Indonesian national team under Shin Tae-yong’s coach in the 2020 AFF Cup. The midfielder belonging to Persebaya Surabaya was recorded as always in the starting line-up of the Indonesian national team from the group phase to the final of the AFF Cup 2020. Out of a total of eight matches, Ricky Kambuaya succeeded to score two goals and one assist.

 Uniquely, Ricky Kambuaya has always been named the best player of the match or man of the match when he scored a goal. The moment occurred in the first match of Group B against Cambodia and during the second leg of the 2020 AFF Cup final against Thailand.

Ricky Kambuaya also recorded eight successful tackles, three clearances, six interceptions, and 12 successful dribbles. Broadly speaking, Ricky Kambuaya can be said to be a complete package of box to box midfielders because his defensive and attacking abilities are equally good.

Consistency throughout the 2020 AFF Cup makes Ricky Kambuaya highly expected to continue his career abroad. “If there is an opportunity to play abroad, of course it will be better for my career and there is a will for it,” said Ricky Kambuaya after the final second leg of the 2020 AFF Cup. Apart from that, Ricky Kambuaya currently only wants to focus on defending Persebaya, Surabaya, in 2021-2022 League 1.

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