Restoration School and School for Women in Papua – A Director of the House of Aspirations of Sulaeman Hamzah, Fauzun Nihaya revealed that his party has a number of special programs to develop Human Resources (HR) in Papua.

Two of them are the School of Restoration and the School of Politics for Women. She and Sulaeman Hamzah made this program on purpose because they both had the same dream.

“Our dream is to form Papuan children so that in the future they can lead and build their own region for a much better future,” Fauzun told reporters in Merauke, Monday (25/04/2022).

She revealed that the process of screening or recruiting students at the Restoration School was opened publicly on social media.

“In general, we use social media such as Facebook for the recruitment process. Anyone can register, it’s just that we prioritize Papuan children,” she said.

As for the Political School for Women, she said the aim was to provide education to women so that they could be more literate in the world of politics, because in her opinion,  until today, there are very few female politicians in Papua.

In addition to providing political education to women, this program also provides an understanding of how important it is for women to be able to protect themselves.

“In addition to political education, in this program we provide advice so that women participating in this program can take better care of themselves, because usually women are always victims of domestic violence, harassment and so on. So we provide understanding to them as well as to be able to better protect themselves from any threats that could occur,” she said.

Requested about how many participants have participated in the two programs, Fauzun said that so far there have been 150 participants.

“For restoration schools, there are quite a lot of applicants from the quota that we have opened of 100, currently there are 120 registered ones, exceeding the quota. Meanwhile, for the Women’s Political School, there are only about 30 registered people,” she concluded.

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