Responded Well, Government Disburses Rp 84 T for Papua and West Papua – Papuan leaders responded favorably to the Rp 84.7 trillion budget for Papua and West Papua. The chairman of the Sabang-Merauke Discussion Forum, Frans Maniagasi, mentioned on the need to supervise the administration and allocation of Papua Special Autonomy funds so that they are well targeted for education, health, and the economy.

He mentioned that there are three sources of Papua special autonomy funds, namely 2.25 percent with a mechanism of 1.25 percent going to districts/cities, while one percent goes to the province in the form of block grants with a requirement that there must be accountability.

“The philosophy of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, which is 2.25 percent, is the contribution of the people from Aceh to Maluku to accelerate Papua,” said Frans.

The government disbursed a budget of Rp. 84.7 trillion for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua in 2022. The total funds allocated for the Province of West Papua amounted to Rp. 27.24 trillion and for Papua amounting to Rp. 57.41 trillion.

“This value is up from 2020 which amounted to Rp. 79.7 trillion, but it is down slightly from last year’s Rp. 85.8 trillion because there is a central expenditure called the National Economic Recovery Fund (PEN) in 2021,” said Director of General Transfer Funds, Directorate General Adriyanto.

He detailed the budget for Papua and West Papua in 2022 consisting of IDR 12.9 trillion of special autonomy funds (otsus), additional infrastructure funds (DTI), transfer funds to regions and village funds (TKDD) of IDR 50.2 trillion, and ministry expenditures. or institutions amounting to Rp. 21.6 trillion.

He added that the government is currently preparing the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development (RIPP) for Papua 2022-2041 which is based on Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua and Government Regulation Number 107 of 2021 concerning Acceptance, Management, Supervision, and Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development. Development for the Implementation of Special Autonomy for Papua Province.

“If we look there, there are already quite large ministries or agencies spending in 2021, in total there are IDR 21.6 trillion. Of course, this is our collective task, which will be outlined in the RIPP (Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development) Papua, how to ensure that these ministries/agencies’ spending can actually be synergized with the expenditures made by the regional government,” said Adriyanto.

Adriyanto requested that the central government and the Papuan regional government not run the same two programs so that the government’s budget can be used efficiently.

“Of course, if the sum of large expenditure funds is good, but if we conduct the same thing, there will be excess activities, we need to maintain this. So there should not be excessive activities causing inefficiency in project implementation and budget use,” said Adriyanto.

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