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Renewable Energy Becomes a Global Issue in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Kick-off and technical guidance on modeling and preparation of the Papua Province General Regional Energy Plan (RUED) was held on Cenderawasih Earth, Tuesday (27/9). RUED is expected to accelerate the Draft Regional Regulation (Ranperda) in ensuring the availability of energy supply in Papua.

An Expert Staff of the Governor of Papua for Legal and Political Governance Triwarno Purnomo welcomed the implementation of the activity, so it is hoped that there will be results that support planning in the energy sector, especially for the Papua Province.

“The existence of renewable energy is a global issue in which awareness is raised to limit activities that produce carbon that can damage the environment,” Triwarno told reporters.

So that, continued Triwarno, it is necessary to develop new energy alternatives so that government regulation number 79 of 2014 concerning National Energy Policy can be implemented properly.

 “We hope that all linkages in the preparation of RUED can be projected properly, conventional energy is currently experiencing limitations and price increases,” he said.

He hopes that with the Ranperda everything can be contained and projected properly within the framework of the responsibility of the Papuan provincial government to ensure the availability of energy supplies in Papua, and to ensure the sustainability of development.

Meanwhile, an Acting Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office, Elyas Wenda, said that based on Presidential Regulation Number 22 of 2017 concerning the General National Energy Plan, which requires Regional Governments to prepare Regional Energy General Plans.

“We are currently working with the support of the Global Green Growth Institute, Indonesia is carrying out a series of activities to prepare the RUED document, one of which is Kick-Off and Technical Guidance on Modeling and Preparation of RUED,” he concluded.

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