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Religious Leaders in Merauke Condemn the KKB’s Actions: Very Ruthless and Sinful

goodmorningpapua.com – The rampant acts of violence against civilians conducted by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in a number of areas in Tanah Papua in December emerged the concern of religious leaders.

One of them came from the Vicar General of Merauke Archdiocese, South Papua Province, Pastor Hendrikus Kariwop, M.Sc who deeply regretted the actions carried out by the Armed Criminal Group.

Like the KKB action in Yapen Islands Regency and Deiyai Regency which resulted in the death of civilians. Pastor Hendrikus representing Catholic religious leaders in South Papua Province strongly condemned the KKB’s actions.

“We really hope that the TNI-Polri security forces can take firm action against the KKB’s treatment so far. It is because their actions are very heinous and very sinful in killing fellow human beings,” he said before the Head of Public Relations of the Merauke Police AKP Ahmad Nurung, S.H, Thursday 15 December 2022.

In his opinion, the act of killing has violated the 10 commandments of God, namely the fifth commandment, namely not to kill, because murder is a grave sin and those who commit murder will receive a grave sin from God.

“We support the Indonesian National Police to immediately arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice in accordance with the prevailing laws. We hope that incidents like this will not be repeated, because it really hurts us to see the actions carried out by this criminal group,” said Pastor Hendrikus Kariwop.

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