Religious Leaders Condemn Corruption of 3 Regional Heads in Papua – A Catholic religious leader, Yanuarius You, criticized the alleged corruption that ensnared three regional heads in Papua. The three regional heads are the Regent of Central Mamberamo, Ricky Ham Pagawak, the Regent of Mimika Eltinus Omaleng and the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe.

Yanuarius said corruption is an immoral act and is not in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. Even in the teachings of the Catholic Church, he called, corruption is considered a major sin and a social crime because its degree is the same as killing humans.

“Many officials have been given the responsibility and authority to prosper the community, but instead use public money for personal interests, causing social jealousy, social conflicts and horizontal conflicts,” he said in a written statement, Saturday (1/10).

The head of the Fajar Timur Jayapura School of Philosophy of Philosophy (STFT) said that due to acts of corruption, the community from time to time suffers, while unscrupulous officials live having fun.

Therefore, he asked that officials who are proven to be corrupt must be prosecuted to the fullest extent according to the degree of law violation.

“So that it can create a deterrent effect for other officials so as not to commit corruption,” he said.

He stated that the church’s teachings strongly condemn corruption because it destroys public welfare, social justice and destroys peace and harmony.

Yanuarius also said that corruption is closely related to the level of welfare and prolonged conflict in Papua.

“When unscrupulous officials commit corruption by using public funds for personal gain, it directly results in people becoming poor, not prosperous, living in ignorance and suffering,” he said.

“This is a crime against humanity and directly causes unrest and insecurity in Papua,” he added.

Furthermore, he also touched on the issue of special autonomy (otsus). Yanuarius questioned those who rejected the second volume of special autonomy because they considered the first volume of special autonomy to be a failure.

“Actually, who failed? Was it Jakarta people? I don’t think so. In fact, we have people who fail us, includes our leaders too,” he said.

Meanwhile, Professor of the Faculty of Law, University of Cenderawasih (Uncen) Melkias Hetaria stated that to prevent corruption, there needs to be control starting from planning, implementation to evaluation.

He said state officials should have integrity and mentality so that in the administration of government they are able to distance themselves from acts of corruption.

“If we want to create a peaceful Papuan land, we need to distance ourselves from corruption,” he said.

Previously, the KPK had stipulated Lukas Enembe a corruption suspect. He was named a suspect along with two other people, namely Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng and Central Mamberamo Regent Ricky Ham Pagawak. So far, only Eltinus has been detained by the KPK.

The KPK has asked the Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) to prevent Enembe from traveling abroad.

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