Religious Leaders at the Land of Cendrawasih: Learn Tolerance from Papua – A Papuan religious leader, as well as a Rector of the State Islamic Institute [IAIN] of Fattahul Muluk of Papua, Idrus Al Hamid, said the encounter of religions on the Land of Cendrawasih has generated   the quite good harmony and tolerance.

In fact, he said, in some cases, religious activities were used as joint activities. He conveyed it in the webinar ‘Tolerance in Indonesia (Papua) and Morocco: Experience Perspective’ on INC TV and NU Channel Youtube channels, Thursday (29/7/2021).

“The existence of religion is actually a part that does not make a difference. Even in some cases, religious activities are used as joint activities even though they are from various religions,” explained Idrus.

In fact, an Education Activist in Kaimana, Papua, Safar Furuada said there was an expression saying that learn tolerance from the people of Papua!.

The expression was formed because the Papuan people have practiced real tolerance that is not contained in books.

“There is a proverb saying that if you learn tolerance, learn from the Papuan people, because they have practiced real tolerance which is not contained in books,” said Safar.

For this reason, he also hopes that Papua in the future can become a barometer of the attitude of tolerance in Indonesia.

“We hope that Papua becomes a barometer of tolerance and Indonesia becomes a prosperous and prosperous country,” he said.

Papua has always been open intellectually and behaviorally in accepting people who come to its land. It is said that religious and ethnic differences do not prevent the Papuan people from disseminating peace and reaching out.

In his view, this kind of condition can be a key for creating an environmental harmony to achieve the success of human resource development.

“Papuans do not hide the fact that tolerance and cooperation between religious communities is real,” said Sofin.

“All of this is the basis and key to create peace and environmental harmony in order to achieve the success of state development and human resource development in Papua,” he continued.

It is not true that Papua is filled with conflict, violence or underdevelopment. On the other hand, the Papuan people are filled with tolerance, brotherhood and warmth.

“Papuans are full of warmth, selfless fraternity and what they are. They treat other people as family to maintain their own dignity, prestige and honor the same as they do for others,” concluded Taufan.

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