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Religious and Traditional Leaders Support the Division of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The news of the formation of a New Autonomous Region (DOB) or the division of the province in Papua became a hot topic for a number of big figures in Papua and caused reactions in a number of circles, both pros and cons.

Responding to the for and against of the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB), a number of religious and traditional leaders in Papua spoke out. They basically invite the people in Papua to support the government and the security forces so that the aspirations for division can be realized, by always praying to God.

Because, with the expansion, it can be a solution to existing problems, in improving the economy, quality of education, and public health services.

The chairman of the Jayapura Regency Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB), Alberth Yoku, said that he as a religious figure gave his support regarding the plan for the expansion of new autonomous regions.

“As the chairman of the Tabi Bangkit Community Forum and also a religious leader, we agree and encourage (support) for the division of the province in Papua,” the chairman of the Tabi Bangkit Community Forum hoped.

Alberth Yoku assessed that the purpose of division was to accelerate development and also bring prosperity for progress in all aspects and that was the basis for him providing support.

Therefore, as a religious figure, he continues to encourage and support the realization of the government’s plan to expand the new Autonomous Region in Papua Province.

“This division has only one goal. So that development in the territories of the Anim Ha, Lapago, Mepago, Saireri and Tabi indigenous peoples can be focused on good development,” added the former Chair of the GKI Synod in Papua.

In line with Alberth Yoku, Chair of the Papuan Churches Association (PGGP) Papua Pdt. M.P.A. Maury, S.Th, said,

The form of support from the community is very important because the government is trying to build the nation for the welfare of its people, so there is no need for rejection of the formation of a new autonomy.

“Ladies and gentlemen of God’s people, church people, I want to invite all of us not to be confused and afraid, even less to refuse, but we follow God’s plan,” he asked.

Maury added, the most important thing and need to be a common concern is to always say a prayer together, so that the expansion of the new province in Papua will be carried out, because this is a form of God’s plan through the Government.

“We have to collaborate with the POLRI, let’s support this work, and when it’s time we all see that there are things that are not in accordance with the culture, we will definitely reject it, and let’s accept things that are culturally appropriate,” hoped the former PGPI Chair. Papua Province.

Another form of support was also put forward, a Head of the Port Numbay Indigenous Community Institution (LMA) George Awi said that there was no reason to reject the formation of new autonomous regions because according to him, new autonomous regions would have an impact on welfare, justice and equitable development in all sectors.

“There will be new job opportunities, so it’s good for our children after graduating from school and entering the world of work,” concluded Ondoafi Nafri.

To note, the Government has set a moratorium policy on the expansion of New Autonomous Regions (DOB) since 2014 until now. However, the issuance of Law (UU) No. 2/2021 on the second amendment to Law No. 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua Province actually mandates the formation of new regions in the Papua region.

According to the plan, there will be three draft laws governing the expansion of new autonomous regions in Papua, namely the Bill on the Province of Central Papua, the Bill on the Province of Papua in the Central Mountains, and the Bill on the Province of South Papua.

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