Releasing 55 Participants of Spiritual Pilgrimage to Israel, a Governor of West Papua Reminds on Health Protocol (Prokes) – A Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan officially released 55 participants of a spiritual pilgrimage group to Israel, Saturday 19 February 2022.

The release of the pilgrimage group began with a series of joint worship led by the Head of the Manokwari GKI Class, Pastor J. Mamoribo at the Multipurpose Building of the Efrata Wosi Church.

On that occasion, Dominggus Mandacan shared his experience of visiting Israel in 2003 when still serving as Regent of Manokwari Regency.

“Initially this program was proposed by the late Reverend Wanma who wanted to establish a company, if there were activities to visit Israel it could be accommodated,” explained Dominggus Mandacan.

Dominggus also revealed one of the most precious and very memorable moments during the pilgrimage to Israel. “I prayed at the wall of lamentation and asked God to one day be entrusted with the mandate as a Governor of West Papua,” said the head of Arfak, West Papua.

Before closing the briefing, Dominggus advised the participants of the spiritual pilgrimage to prioritize the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol because it was still in a pandemic situation.

“This trip abroad requires extra energy and ability, maintain health and the Covid-19 pandemic must obey the procedures. Always pray and work so that you go back to Manokwari in good health and everyone gets healthy,” he said.

Shalom Papua Tour and Travel Leader, Reverend Emma Ellen Wanma explained, the departure of 55 participants for the spiritual pilgrimage will be divided into two terms, due to the Covid-19 situation like this.

“In total there are 55 people divided into 2, the first group (departs) February 20, 2022, the second group on 20 next month March 2022,” he explained while expressing his gratitude for the trust given by the West Papua Government.

He ensured that all administrative matters starting from tickets, visas and completeness of departure requirements were complete and safe. “Later on, the group from West Papua will fly directly to the destination country to be received directly by the Israeli government,” he said.

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