Rejecting the Provocation of KST Papua Disturb the G20 Summit Event – Community refuse the provocation of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) which has been provoking the public and disrupting the series of G20 Summits. The Papuan people are expected not to be incited and continue to maintain a conducive situation in Papua.

West Papua is hosting the Women Twenty (W20), an international forum that is part of a series of events from the G20 Summit. The event, which will discuss the role and equality of women, is very well received by the people of Bumi Cendrawasih. They feel honored since they were appointed to host by the central government.

However, there is a appearing threat from the W20 Summit, namely provocations from KST, alias separatist and terrorist groups. They always want to disrupt every big event held in Papua and West Papua. The reason is because this event is considered a representation of the Indonesian government, so they will destroy it in various ways.

The first terror from KST was by attacking the security forces. The last January there were 3 TNI soldiers who died when attacked by KST, in the Puncak area, Papua. They got happy because they felt that they had succeeded in attacking the apparatus first, and show their ‘fangs’ and start a psychological war. When terrorizing, they also want to get the attention of the media who will be covering the W20 and want it to be supported.

With this attack, KST felt that they were above the clouds and boasted of their abilities. After that, however, the security forces tightened their raids and surveillance on every inch of territory in Papua and West Papua. The surveillance is indeed getting more intensive, especially in Merauke, which is the location of the W20 forum.

It’s fair that there should be tight security, because the W20 Summit should not be disorganized because of the KST attack. Don’t let the wife of the head of state of the Women Twenty members  be aghast due to arrows thrown or stray bullets that shoot into the forum arena, while they will be giving a speech,  The safety of the guests must be maintained so that no arrows are shot from KST.

Sebby Sembom also gave provocation as a spokesman for the OPM (Free Papua Organization), which is an affiliated organization of KST. He stated that his organization was ready to fly the flag (Bintang Kejora) throughout Papua and openly wanted to fight against TNI soldiers.

This provocation is no joke, so that the TNI is tightening security and prevention.  Lest security in Papua and West Papua be disturbed by the actions of KST and OPM. They also musn’t allow to disturb the smooth running of the women twenty event because if that happens, it will really tarnish the face of Indonesia.

The public is also asked not to be influenced by KST’s provocations. The reason is because they may be just bluffing or big talk, but not actually carrying out an attack. However, residents are also advised to maintain security in their respective areas and immediately report to the authorities if there are suspicions about KST and OPM.

KST’s provocations should indeed be watched out for because they could spread hoaxes in cyberspace. I am afraid that KST will accuse W20 of being a propaganda event and influencing people’s thinking. Even though the purpose of the event was very good, for the betterment of women in Papua and West Papua.

In preparation for the W20 forum in West Papua, the guard against swearing was tightened, so that there would be no attacks from KST. In addition to physical attacks, mental attacks are also prevented, namely the propaganda which is usually spread on social media. Women Twenty is very good for the advancement of women in Cendrawasih Earth and should not be opposed because it will actually bring women in Papua and West Papua to modernity.

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