Region Division of Papua Increases Bureaucracy Effectiveness and Accelerates Development – Region division of Papua will increase the effectiveness of the bureaucracy and accelerate development in Papua. The division of Papua will make Papua into five provinces, from the previous two.

A Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian in his press statement said that the region division of Papua would accelerate development because it would increase the effectiveness of the bureaucracy. With a short bureaucratic reform, decision-making will be faster and make public services even better.

The Minister of Home Affairs added that the geographical condition of Papua is very broad, the terrain is tough, and the high spread of people will make it difficult for the people’s activities there. The regiion division of Papua is one solution to accelerate development in Papua.

The region division is essentially a way or approach to accelerate regional development acceleration. The newly formed autonomous region is an entity as a geographical, political, economic, social and cultural unit.

Previously, Indonesia had successfully conduct region division. Southern Sumatra, which previously consisted of one province, was divided into several provinces, namely Jambi, Bengkulu, Lampung, and Bangka Belitung. Then Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, and Central Sulawesi, which after being divided saw rapid progress in development, and their economy. Even Central Sulawesi is 1 of 4 regions whose economic growth remains positive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The region division is not something new in Papua. In 2008 Papua was divided into two provinces, giving birth to West Papua. This has a positive impact by increasing the Human Development Index (HDI) and assisting to open up previously isolated areas such as Tambrauw, Wasior, to South Sorong.

The region division in Papua will now make Papua into five provinces. The new provinces that will be born later are Central Papua, South Papua, and Papua Central Mountains. The formation of a new province in Papua has the full support of many elements in Papua consisting of local governments, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youth leaders, academics, to the Papuan community.

An intellectual figure in Mimika Regency, the native Amungme tribe, Yohanes Kemong explained that the region division in Papua was able to accelerate development in the area to remote areas. He thought, this region division makes local people feel part of the “home” of the Republic of Indonesia, and not just on the “terrace”. John added that the presence of this new province will encourage Papuans to think about translating Pancasila in the context of Papua’s customary territory as a virtue.

The region division of territory in Papua is being discussed in 3 new autonomous regions bills by Commission II of the DPR. It is planned that this bill will be brought to the plenary session of the DPR to be passed into law on Thursday 30 June 2022. Hopefully the ratification of the bill on DOB Papua can run smoothly. It is because with the division, there will be an acceleration of development in Papua. By means of the division of Papua, let’s welcome a prosperous, advanced and prosperous Papua.

Author: Levi Raema Wenda (A Papua Observer, a former journalist for local media in Papua)

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