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Regarding the Harvesting Spinach in the Susweni Manokwari Food Field

goodmorningpapua.com – The Susweni Manokwari food field, which has become a demonstration plot for local food in West Papua, is starting to result fruit. Today, Friday 2 December 2022, the Acting Governor of West Papua, Komjen (P) Drs Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si started to harvest spinach, one of the vegetables planted at the launch of the Susweni Manokwari food field in early November.

Apart from harvesting spinach, the Governor of Waterpauw also planted papaya seeds imported from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). Prepared 5 packs of seeds for planting.

The papaya seeds that were planted were prime seeds and the concept was to plant them in pots in the yard of the house, but they tried to plant them in gardens with large plots of land.

‘These seeds can grow and bear fruit. The height is only half to 1 meter and can be applied at home with pots,” he said, while reviewing the results of the garden after morning exercise.

He explained that he learned from regions, for example New Zealand, that there are thousands of hectares of open land and local people only plant grass for food for sheep and cattle.

“I dream that one day West Papua can be like that. This all started with the spirit of the OPD and the staff who were given their respective responsibilities. As a result, it is currently starting to grow. Every Friday, after sports, we plant, return to the garden and harvest. There are already harvested spinach,” he explained.

In the future, he will involve experts to make the land a pilot area to a living laboratory and can be used for learning from early childhood.

“Unipa and experts from Balai will discuss this, with the wisdom we have and can put it to good use. It’s still traditional. But with the spirit that is there, it will be good,” he said.

He also hopes that the people who have an ignored and uncultivated land can put it to good use. “The government will help the seeds. The Minister of Agriculture has agreed to this.

What do you need, we will be assisted so that modern equipment assistance can be obtained, “he explained. The former Deputy Governor of West Papua, Muhammad Lakotani, who was present at the same location, appreciated the steps taken by the Acting Governor of West Papua by utilizing idle land.

“This is a step in accordance with the carrying capacity of the region. We have adequate land and much of it has not been utilized. This move by the governor changed the vacant land so that it has a broad impact on the fulfillment of food in the region. This is an example for the community and farmers, work that is measurable, extraordinary and productive,” he explained.

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