Recognising Culture Through Mural with Papuan Pattern – Almost all open walls in Merauke City are decorated with Papuan murals. These murals were painted by an artist from the Jalan Sesate community or known as Chapung Art.

According to a Papuan humanist, Isayas Ndiken, the motif depicts the common people known to Papuans, especially in the southern region with the dominant black, red, white, and yellow colors.

When reversed, the motif describes a small part of a human face, namely the forehead or a painting on the face which in the Marind language is called Mbaten.

This Mbaten symbolizes the high thinking of the owner of the motif in the attitude of leadership and politeness in behaving.

While the two yellow lines symbolize the courage of the Marind tribe called Pakas which this symbol comes from the two tusks of a wild boar.

Isayas ndiken hopes that with the rise of this Papuan motif mural, Merauke residents can get to know more about cultural customs because this motif symbolizes the greatness and majesty of the Marind Tribe as the largest tribe in South Papua.

Meanwhile, the 20th PON event in the Merauke City cluster for four sports can encourage young people to recognize their own culture as well as promote Papuan tourism.

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