Receiving LPDP Scholarship, Simon Tabuni, a Young Man from Papua, Studies at SOAS London – A young man from Manokwari, West Papua, Simon Tabuni successfully pursued further studies at the School of Oriental and African Study (SOAS), University of London through a scholarship from the Education Fund Management Institute or LPDP.

 The ability to speak English often becomes an obstacle for scholarship fighters, as well as Simon. For assessing his ability he took part in English competitions several times, but the results always failed. Never giving up made his failure actually motivating him to be able to continue his studies in England.

Quoted from the official Instagram account @lpdp_ri, after finishing his studies, Simon returned to devote himself to the people of Papua. In fact, for all his contributions to building Papua, last year Simon Tabuni was awarded the Inspirational Youth Leader at the West Papua Innovation Award event.

Together with a youth community he established, Papua Inspiring, he has initiated several programs.

One of the programs is Angkat Mama Papua, an entrepreneurial movement to raise the economy of Papuan mothers who are in the hinterland, especially at the Arfak Mountains. This is done by helping to open wide marketing using Instagram social media with the official account @anggi_mart and encouraging the manufacture of processed products.

In addition, for the sake of the progress of Papuan youth, Simon formed FASTRA, which stands for Facilitating Creativity and Innovativeness of Papuan Children that is a movement seeking to detect and facilitate young Papuan talents. This movement boosts self-potential including hobbies or pleasures to be transformed to have economic value and to create jobs.

Not only that, Simon also pays attention to the environmental field, by establishing a program for Revitalizing Parks and Its Functions or Remang. This movement is not only formed as a place for recreation, but also it will be integrated with the development or empowerment of small economies that are driven by the people living around city parks. He hopes that more and more young Papuans will be inspired and motivated to make a positive impact for Papua. One of them is by getting an LPDP scholarship.

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