Realizing Quality Tourism in Biak Numfor, Papua – A Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Agency for Tourism and Creative Economy strengthens efforts to create quality, integrated, and sustainable tourist destinations in Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, by increasing the synergy between the central and local governments in managing physical special allocation funds (DAK) based on innovation, adaptation , and collaboration.

One of these synergies was realized through the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) activity “Synergy Based on Innovation, Adaptation and Collaboration Between Center and Regions (Sinakoda)” taking place in a hybrid manner at Swiss-Belhotel Cendrawasih, Biak, Thursday (12/5/2022).

A Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Agency for Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno while giving a speech at the online FGD Synakoda Biak Numfor, appreciated the implementation of this activity as a commitment of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in realizing quality, integrated and sustainable tourist destinations, especially in Biak Numfor .

“This (Quality and sustainable tourism) is a potential that we must continue to develop. And this Synkoda FGD is a program model and guideline used by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in carrying out the task of developing destinations with stakeholders with the concept of collaboration synergy through integrated physical DAK management,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. Sandiaga Uno.

Of the 17 physical DAK fields, there are six thematic areas that are focused on tourism, namely tourism, roads, small and medium industries (IKM), the environment, as well as trade and MSMEs.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy explained that the synergy in implementing the national DAK must be realized to achieve the 2020-2024 RPJMN target and the Parekraf Strategic Plan in order to realize national economic resilience.

Through this program, it is hoped that the governance of the integrated Physical DAK synergy program will be realized to create quality, integrated and sustainable destinations so as to accelerate the recovery of the tourism and creative sector to create added value/regional PAD and realize community welfare, especially in Eastern Indonesia.

“I want to remind you, one of the efforts to build these destinations is to make use tourism DAK,” said Sandiaga.

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