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Realizing Peace by Holding Ethnic Papuan Masses in Sorong

goodmorningpapua.com – As a form of peace in the community, indigenous Papuans held a mass together by highlighting Papuan ethnic culture, at the cathedral church of Christ as a King of Sorong.

Starting from the procession to enter the church to the liturgy of this mass, it carries Papuan culture. A traditional dance from the Maybrat district opened the celebration of the mass with an ethnic culture, the people who attended also enlivened the mass by wearing traditional clothes from various tribes in Papua.

The mass celebration led by 6 priests itself aims to invite all Papuan people and all tribes in the land of Papua, to be able to jointly maintain peace in Papua, so that the land of Papua is free from all disturbances.

The songs and prayers they sung at the ethnic mass used the Papuan language, increase the solemnity of this worship celebration. It is hoped that the ethnic mass can embrace all Catholics to gather and strengthen brotherhood.

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