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Realizing Economic Recovery, PLN Assists in Processing Fish Floss in Jayapura

goodmorningpapua.com – As a form of concern in improving the community’s economy, PLN together with the Jayapura City Government inaugurated the “Nila” Community Self-Help Group (KSM) for fish floss processing business in South Jayapura District, Jayapura City. The inauguration was attended by the PLN Management of the Papua and West Papua Regional Main Units and the Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru and his staff.

Through the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL), PLN provided assistance worth IDR 80 million to the Community Self-Help Agency (BKM) “Maju Bersama Hamadi”, which was used to build empowerment and training in fish processing.

In collaboration with the Papua Province Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office, this activity is considered necessary to improve the capabilities of the community, especially group members. It is also intended that the products made by KSM “Nila” have added value and are of good quality.

A head of KSM “Nila”, Rosdiana, expressed her gratitude to PLN for providing training assistance to her group members. He feels that in developing a business, good quality is needed to be able to compete with other products.

“Thank you for the concern of PLN for the business we are running. We are grateful that with this assistance, production activities that had been stopped can resume running with the increase in our capabilities. Hopefully in the future we can be more productive so that additional income can also increase, “he said.

In addition, the Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru, expressed his appreciation to PLN and all parties who have coordinated, cooperated, and collaborated in helping the community, especially in the economic field. Synergy is needed from all parts so that the welfare of the community can be helped from various sides.

“Thanks PLN for your attention to the community, especially in Jayapura City. Hopefully the assistance provided can be utilized as best as possible and what has been running can continue to be improved both in terms of production and promotion. This becomes very important, especially from the packaging which must look beautiful and attractive,” he explained.

On the other hand, the Senior Manager of Finance, Communication and General Affairs of PLN’s Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Rio Widiya Nugraha, explained that this is a form of PLN’s commitment and responsibility to the community. Seeing the potential in Hamadi Village, in which it is rich in fish catches, it is felt that it needs to be maximized by processing this.

“We hope that with the training, production activities will be more productive. With the new knowledge, we hope to continue to innovate and improve quality so that sales will increase,” he said.

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