Ramadan and Religious Celebrations in Papua, an Encounter of Interfaith

goodmorningpapua.com – Since 2010, it has been an honor to be able to enjoy Ramadan with various nuances. Previously, Ramadan was only in the Muslim community. Both in Makassar and in Kuala Lumpur.

For Ramadan 2010, I started doing it in the city of Sorong. In the course of time, I also occasionally visits the island of Arar, or several other places in Papua.

Even in 2012, I spent ten days in Bintuni. The journey at that time from the city of Sorong to Bintuni was passed by wooden boats. The bonus is, returning from Bintuni, I can set foot to Kokas while enjoying the sunset in the middle of the sea.

Companies such as Pertamina, as well as other oil refineries during Ramadan, form separate committees to regulate the scheduling of dai. Every now and then, I’m on the list to deliver a Ramadan talk.

This opportunity is used to explore remote areas of Papua. Enjoying Ramadan with the mosque congregation in the company.

It is in that athmosphere that breaking of the fast is not only attended by the Muslim community. On various occasions, even though Catholics and Protestants are not fasting, they are still invited.

So, iftar also means dinner in which family is gathering. Plural is found in the people of Tanah Papua, where in one family family there is not only one religion.

Even in Fak-Fak, there is a three stone furnaces. Meanwhile, in Raja Ampat, there is a four-door house.

A family, not only Muslim, but also other religions that are equally accepted as family beliefs.

Not only Ramadan, so also with Christmas. Coming, and meeting interfaith individuals are days spent together.

At Christmas, the Muslim community also cooks. In fact, sometimes the owner intends to order food at a Muslim stall, along with the cutlery. So that a comfortable feeling is created related to the halal food.

How Indonesia is supported by diversity. At the same time, unity as Indonesia is also an umbrella for diversity.

Both Ramadan and other religious celebrations are a momentum of unity, not to be an impairment or a crusher of the nation.

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