Raising the Value of Sentani Women Again

goodmorningpapua.com – The United Prosperous Sentani Alliance (ASBS) for Women and Children will raise the values ​​of Sentani women again through the tradition and culture of the attribute of eating completeness that has existed for a long time.

That was stated by a Coordinator for Women and Children from ASBS, Rita Tokoro in the selection of regional coordinators held at the Kampung Sereh Customary Hall, Saturday 9 April 2022.

“We have agreed to raise the value of a Sentani woman again, because these cultural values ​​have recently disappeared,” said Rita Tokoro.

She gave an example of cultural values ​​when serving food for both family and guests who always use cutlery, such as helay, heloi, makua and hote.

The values ​​or local wisdom exist with the Sentani women. However, with the development of the times these cultural values ​​are getting lost, because more and more Sentani women are no longer keeping these traditions.

“The values ​​of a Sentani woman in the house includes she must cook properly and properly to provide food to her husband and children and those cultural values ​​must be manifested from within the house,” she said.

Rita Tokoro also reminded every regional coordinator to convey this message to all Sentani women to bring this culture back into their families.

“Sentani women must make Papeda in Sempe so that their husbands and children and families can eat Papeda directly from Sempe so that cultural values ​​are not lost,” she said.

A chairman of Sentani Bersatu Sejahtera, Jhon Mourits Suebu, appreciated the work plan. In addition to maintaining cultural values, in the work plan there are several programs related to children’s growth.

“There are several things that will be raised from the women and children sector, especially raising traditional and cultural values ​​by maintaining traditions that have existed for a long time. This will be displayed in the Indigenous Peoples Alliance Congress later, “explained Jhon.

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