Raising the Potential of Yapen Coffee, Kemenkop UKM Holds Barista Training

goodmorningpapua.com – The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Micro Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM) held a competency-based training in the Barista sector in Yapen Islands Regency, Papua for 3 days.

The training taking place at the Mauren Hotel, Serui, since Thursday 2 June 2022 was opened by the Young Functional Expert Policy Analyst of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Sri Widada. A total of 30 participants attended the training.

Sri Widada said that this Barista training was a proposal from government officials who saw the potential of Yapen Islands coffee. He hopes that this training can improve the standard of living, especially for SMEs in the coffee sector.

“Coffee is not only made from coffee beans into coffee powder but can mix and measure coffee so that to create a taste that is acceptable to the public,” said Sri Widada, Friday, June 3, 2022.

The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar, in his speech brought by the Regent’s Expert Staff, Drik Rayar, expressed his gratitude to the Kemenkop UKM for approving the training.

He advised the Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperative Service to follow up on the results of this training, as well as provide assistance to MSMEs in the Yapen Islands.

“I hope that participants who take part in this training can be skilled in managing coffee to be marketed so that they are more independent in earning income to support the family economy,” he hoped.

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