Quick Response of Head of West Papua Public Works Office Repairs Broken Road in Klamit – Teminabuan

goodmorningpapua.com – The Department of Public Works and Public Housing of West Papua Province has started working on repairing the Klamit – Teminabuan Road at Kilometer 12 in South Sorong, which had been cut off due to heavy flooding as high as 50-60 cm recently. The breaking of this road makes vehicles from the shove to the teminabuan and vice versa, unable to pass through it.

This received a quick response from an Acting Head of the West Papua Province Public Works Service, Yohanis Momot. ST.MT by making use of heavy equipment in the form of an excavator to open a new drainage to smooth the flow of water.

“This section is indeed a source of springs, so there is a brief rain that immediately floods,” said Momot.

Momot admitted, this segment is indeed a very important segment to go to South Sorong and from South Sorong to Sorong, so it cannot be allowed to drag on.

“In the future, we plan to increase the whole so that the economy as well as the flow of people and goods can run smoothly again and improve the economy in Sorong Regency”, he explained.

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