Puskesmas (Public Health Center) of Ilaga Inaugurated, Especially for Outpatients

goodmorningpapua.com – Puncak Papua Regency continues to improve in the health sector. One of the proofs is the inauguration of the new building renovated by the Public Health Center [Puskesmas]] of Ilaga. Later, this health center will be used as an outpatient clinic.

An Acting Regional Secretary for Puncak Papua Regency, Ir. Darwin Tobing, MM, representing the Regent of Puncak Papua explained that the managers or staff at this Puskesmas can work together in synergy, so that the community can get improved health services.

“If it is found that there are patients who are recommended to be hospitalized, they will be placed in the old Puskesmas building,” he said, Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Plt Sekda appealed to all ASN and medical personnel to return to their duties because the security situation in Puncak Papua is already conducive. It was proven that when the ceremony for the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia ran safely and a number of competitions were also held.

A Head of the Health Office of Puncak Papua Regency, Demus Wonda, said that Puncak Papua Regency already has a Type D Primary Hospital which is a central government assistance through the Special Allocation Fund (DAK).

At the hospital, the management up to the health facilities are very ready to be functioned. However, the location of the hospital is far from the city center, under the hills of the Penitentiary.

“So the operation cannot be carried out. Especially when security conditions are not conducive. So, operational doctors, medical personnel, laboratories are placed at the Ilaga Health Center. However, if the situation is conducive, the hospital can be used again,” he said.

The Head of the Medical Support Division at the Ilaga Hospital, Egi Ulukyanan, S.KM, explained that the inpatient room in the old building at the Ilaga Health Center had a capacity of 10-12 people, so the inpatient room was only used for the right patients, which had to be treated.

“If the patient can still be outpatient, it is recommended to go home and routinely do outpatient treatment. If security is really conducive, the hospital will be reopened as prepared by the government,” he said.

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