Pupils of Senior High School in Jayapura Have Enthusiastic about Cleaning Schools after Floods

goodmorningpapua.com – Floods and landslides occurred in Jayapura City, Papua Province resulted in a number of buildings such as places of education being submerged in water. One of them is SMA Negeri 4 Jayapura in Entrop Village, South Jayapura District.

Classrooms and teachers were flooded. In addition, a number of textbooks, absences, report cards and other learning support tools were not saved. In addition to being wet, it is also destroyed by the brunt of the water.

The pupils also came to the school to help the teachers to clean up soil, mud, stones and garbage. Chairs and tables are removed from the classroom for easy cleaning.

“This is the first day we start cleaning the classroom, and we didn’t expect to be overwhelmed. This morning when my friends and I came, the classroom was filled with mud and tree branches,” said Mardika, a class XII student, Sunday (9/1). ).

He explained the state of the classroom was like a swamp, because a lot of garbage and mud had entered. Not to mention the pungent smell caused by materials carried by water from the river next to the school.

“In our classroom, all items were crushed and damaged including chairs, tables and report cards placed in the cupboard,” he explained.

He hopes that Jayapura Mayor, Benhur Tomi Mano, can pay attention to the condition of the school, so that the flood does not affect educational facilities and activities.

“That’s what we all want. There is concern for our school,” he asked, echoed by a number of his friends seeming busy for cleaning the classroom.

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