Puncak Regency Government Holds a Cheap Market to Control Inflation

goodmorningpapua.com – The government of Puncak Regency was holding a bazaar to control regional inflation ahead of Christmas and the 2023 New Year. The bazaar is centered in the courtyard of the Puncak Regent’s Office, Ilaga, Wednesday 14 December 2022.

Puncak Regent Willem Wandik, SE. M.Si said the Cheap Market was an effort by the Regional Government to control inflation. Where in the Cheap Market, basic commodities sold to residents are below the average price in Puncak Regency.

“The government is afraid of rising prices of goods from production places to market areas, for example in Timika to Ilaga. It turns out that traders and airlines have really assisted us. They didn’t raise the price of groceries,” he said.

The Regent admitted that he had made an investigation to the market to check the prices of nine basic commodities. During blusukan, basic food prices in Puncak Regency were relatively stable ahead of Christmas and the New Year.

“Seeing the high level of public interest in visiting the bazaar location, in accordane with the plan, the bazaar will also be held in the Beoga and Sinak districts,” said Willem Wandik.

One of the Directors of the Puncak Papua Mandiri BUMD, Krisnadewi said, the price of basic food items sold at the Cheap Market was quite cheap. For a basic food package containing 5 liters of cooking oil, 5 kilograms of rice, sugar, coffee, tea, noodles, flour and milk, the price is only IDR 100,000.

A total of 700 basic food packages have been prepared at the Cheap Market. “Usually, the normal price we sell at Ilaga wholesalers reaches IDR 600,000. Moreover, in the market stalls traders are much more expensive, but in the bazaar it’s only IDR 100,000,” he said.

Krisnadewi added that her party had planned to prepare 800 basic food packages at the Cheap Markets in the Beoga District and Sinak District. “We are planning 400 packages in Beoga and 400 packages in Sinak District, for other districts we are still waiting for instructions from the local government,” he said.

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