Puncak Contingent Reaches 6 Gold and 3 Silver at Perparawi XIII 2021

goodmorningpapua.com – The participation of the Puncak Regency contingent in Perparawi XIII is very exhilarating, because it won 6 gold medals and 3 silver medals in this prestigious event which will take place from 1-6 November 2021 in Timika, Mimika.

The victory of the Perparawi contingent of Puncak Regency was warmly greeted by all members of the contingent and officials because they were able to exceed the original target of only three gold medals but were able to get 6 gold. Even, when compared to the achievements in Perparawi XII in Kaimana in 2018, which only got one gold medal.

The six gold medals won came from the categories of ethnic choir, vocal group, mixed adult choir, women’s choir, solo female youth aged 16-21 years, solo male youth aged 16-21 years. Meanwhile, for the silver category for the solo category of children aged 7-9 years, solo for children aged 10-13 years and pop music of the Church.

The regional secretary of Puncak Regency, Abraham Bisay, who also witnessed the performance of the Perparawi contingent of Puncak Regency, was delighted with this achievement.

“Congratulations and success to the Perparawi contingent of Puncak Regency, they have made the name of Puncak Regency proud, even this is new history for us, because previously we only won one gold medal, it turns out that this time we were able to achieve nine medals, 6 gold and 3 silver, amazing congratulations for participants from Puncak,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Perparawi Contingent of Puncak Nopi Tabuni was unable to hide his pride, because the preparations were so minimal due to Covid-19, but it did not decrease the enthusiasm of its members, it was proven that they were able to win nine medals.

“We dedicate this achievement to the community and the Puncak Regency Government, and especially to the glory of God’s name, because with His protection we were able to achieve this result,” he said.

Nopi said, defending is much harder than winning the championship, so with this result, of course it will be input for the Puncak Regency LPPD, to be more prepared to participate in the Pesparawi so that this result can be maintained even more than the current result.

“I also thank the Regent of Puncak, even though two activities were carried out namely the Kingmi and Perparawi Conferences, both of them went successfully,” he added.

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