Program of HIPMI Papua Encompasses Wamena Muslim Community – The Regional Administrator Board (BPD) of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) of Papua Province held an iftar with the Wamena Muslim Community in Angkasa, Jayapura City.

Iftar together is an agenda of HIPMI Papua packaged in a program of sharing the glory in the month of Ramadan or Berlian. In addition to break the fast, HIPMI also handed over food packages to the community on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

Deputy General Chairperson of HIPMI Papua, Michael Ayomi said, HIPMI Berlian is a routine program which in the current management chooses Kampung Wamena Muslim as the goal of compensation.

“HIPMI Papua feels the need to maintain friendship and togetherness among fellow administrators and the provision of assistance to Muslim Wamena is a program of the large family of HIPMI Papua. The point is that HIPMI sharing activities are always carried out both during Ramadan and Christmas,” he said, Thursday, April 21, 2022.

This social action to share the glory received appreciation from BPP HIPMI Functionary, Nuril Anwar. He appreciated HIPMI Papua for making Ramadan moments to share, including with fellow Papuan children.

“This is not only fellow Muslims, but how there is a relationship and also sharing with other people. All the more, the country is currently starting to build after Covid-19,” he said.

He added that Ramadan 2022 is a momentum for economic and health revival. “During this recovery period, HIPMI took part in it. Hopefully in the future HIPMI Papua will play a role in building Papua so that it will be more prosperous,” he hoped.

Committee Secretary Agusnadi added that beside for breaking the fast together, HIPMI Papua also provided food packages and compensation to students and boarders of Islamic boarding schools.

“In Angkasa during our visit, we handed over basic needs in the form of rice and other food ingredients. Apart from that, cash payments were also made for Ponpes administrators and students,” said Agusnadi while hoping that the compensation would be beneficial for the Wamena Muslim Community and Islamic Boarding Schools in the area.

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