Profile of Papua Football Academy Inaugurated by President Jokowi – The Papua Football Academy (PFA) profile is getting the attention of many people. The reason is that the academy was inaugurated by President Jokowi on Wednesday (31/8/2022) at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

It is known, PFA is a sports school, especially in the field of football for Papuan boys aged between 14-15 years. Through the academy, children will receive regular soccer training accompanied by reliable coaches.

For those who are curious about this football academy, view the following profile of the Papua Football Academy (PFA) summarized from the official website

Papua Football Academy is a formal school and soccer training for Papuan men who want to develop soccer knowledge in order to produce competitive, creative, and competitive students.

The Papua Football Academy (PFA) located in Timika City was attended by 30 Papuan sons after going through a competitive and transparent talent search selection process. The selected students will receive a full scholarship for 2 years to study football.

For its facilities, the Papua Football Academy is equipped with a tactics training field, a match field, and a fitness center at Mimika Sports Center, Timika City. Not only that, PFA also has a room called ‘PFA Headquarters’ for students to learn formally and the skills needed.

In addition to training, PFA students will also be included in local to national tournaments, and even international if possible. It aims to provide opportunities for students to practice the results of the exercise and feel the competition, as well as establish friendships with children from other regions.

For the coaching team, the Papua Football Academy is led by the Technical Director and Team Coach named Wolfgang Pikal. He has training certifications at the national and international levels.

In addition, PFA also provides a team of coaches who have a coaching license and have great attention to early childhood development programs. The names of the coaching team are Ardiles Rumbiak, Ardus Kelly Pepuho, and Melky Papare.

This is a review of the profile of the Papua Football Academy. It is hoped that this PFA will be able to give birth to students to become adaptive, competitive, and courageous individuals to make decisions on various occasions, both in the field and in everyday life.

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