Prioritizing Education and Health in Yahukimo – Yahukimo Regent, Didimus Yahuli, stated that most of the special autonomy (Otsus) funds that reached his regional treasury were used mainly for education and health.

Now, Yahukimo has 15 excellent schools in 15 sub-districts. The Yahukimo Regency Government also recruited 100 teachers to be placed in 51 districts.

“For the moment, it is for junior high school level,  for the high school, we we focus on it in Dekai, and from PHLI, this year two students were sent abroad,” he said at the Conference on Joint Educational Commitment to the City and Regency Governments in Papua, at the Papua Hope Language Institute (PHLI) , Sentani, Monday (23/5/2022).

His party has also sent 15 people to attend lectures at the Papua Hope Language Institute (PHLI).

Didymus encourages students to take education abroad, especially in America.

“It does cost a lot, so I suggest that if only a few people can go there, it’s better if we collaborate with universities outside Papua and inside Papua,” he said.

Didimus said that the future of Papua through education had not progressed much. It is because some do not have a strong basic academic ability, and slowly begin to disappear.

Therefore, Didimus said, education must be encouraged, discussed and must be discussed in all elements to make it better.

“Besides in PHLI there are also several children in Papua Harapan,” he said.

The education program from the Special Autonomy Fund, he continued, was diverted to health.

“We are going to buy an ambulance helicopter, I am currently making the company, this week the permit will be issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs,” he said.

He has formed a legal entity for human resources (HR) in the aviation sector.

For him, the assistance and permits are the responsibility of the central government for the welfare of the community. Meanwhile, the said HR will be sent to school.

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