Princess Papua Passed to be a Member of Paskibra: The Deceased Mother Wanted to See Me as a Paskibra – Maria Gracia Theophilea Mahuze, a Princess of Papua from the Marind tribe who is a native of Merauke Regency, Papua Province is a formidable personal figure.

Class XII students of Social Sciences (IPS) 2 of the State High School (SMAN) 2 Merauke, one of which was chosen as a member of the flag raiser (Paskibra) in Merauke Regency during the 77th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia later.

The girl who was born in Merauke Regency on October 5, 2004, who is familiarly called Gres Mahuze, is believed to be the carrier of the Red and White Flag (Baki) Paskibra at the Merauke Regency Level Commemoration of Proclamation Seconds August 17, 2022 later.

But who would have thought, behind the smile of his sweet face kept a sad story. Her mother long enough to crave Gres Mahuze to be part of the flag -raising troops. Unfortunately, when that hope comes true, the mother passed away.

“You heard to cry, because from the beginning Mama wanted me to become a member of Paskibra. When it was finished, Mama was gone. You were very sad,” said Gres Mahuze sobbing when interviewed by on the sidelines Merauke Regent Office, Thursday (4/8/2022).

She did not expect to be able to offer a gift to her late mother, the late Enggelina Tati Pikalawan who had only died for 6 months because of kidney disease on February 28, 2022 ago.

“When talking about Mama, I’m not strong. Definitely cry,” said Gres Mahuze stammering and could not stem tears.

She admitted that he kept trying to get up to boast of her father, brother and extended family. Every day, this basketball athlete wakes up in the morning at 04.30 WIT to prepare school supplies and breakfast to go to school at 06.00 WIT. Sometimes accompanied by a motorcycle, sometimes also walking.

Luckily, Gres has Mamatua and brother -in -law who helped prepare breakfast. In fact, when she hasn’t had breakfast and has no allowance because of saving, friends at school actually treat.

Different for more than one month before the 17th of August this year, because Gres Mahuze represented the school with 5 friends to practice Paskibra at Kodim 1707/Merauke and the courtyard of the Merauke Regent’s office.

Waking up in the morning and breakfast, she who lives in the Department of Public Works Office (PU) Jalan Trikora Jalan Trikora is ready to wait for the pickup of the Paskibra coach who is a member of the Indonesian Army National Army (TNI AD) from Kodim 1707/Merauke at 07.00 CET.

Practicing Paskibra from 08.00 CET to 15.30 WIT. Gres Mahuze was escorted home then took a shower and prepared to go to the SMAN 2 Merauke field to practice basketball until 18:30 CET.

“Sometimes tired but I am still happy, enthusiastic and proud because I want to boast of parents, schools,” she said straightforwardly.

YPPK F xaverius 2 elementary school graduates and YPPK Yoanes XXIII Merauke Middle School said that when middle school had won 2nd place in the women’s basketball competition and when high school won 3rd place in the Women’s Basketball Competition.

In addition, Gres Mahuze has a noble ideal to realize the message of the late mother.

“My goal is to become a female police officer (Polwan). Join my mom. Since elementary school I have liked watching the police, when sitting with Mama. Mama said, you must be a police officer,” she recalls.

According to him, his family supports the dream of becoming a policewoman. After graduating from high school, Gres Mahuze plans to immediately register and take the selection test for police candidates at the Merauke Police Resort (Polres).

Gres Mahuze thanked the Paskibra coach of Merauke Regency 2022 including Serma Adam, Bahrin, Murwanto, and Aris who used him increasingly disciplined and taught many things.

“All Paskibra coaches educate us very well. It is forceful but also is funny. So it does not feel tense. Unlike what people imagine. It turns out that the TNI is very good, we are comfortable. This is my first memory for a lifetime to become a Paskibra,” she said.

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