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Priest Tilas Mom Elected Chair of the Papua KINGMI Church Synod 2021-2026

goodmorningpapua.com – The XI Conference of the Synod of the Gospel Tabernacle Church (KINGMI) in Papua, November 1-6, chose Pastor Tilas Mom, S.Th, M.Th, as a Chair of the KINGMI synod in Papua for the period 2021-2026 to replace the Priest Benny Giay.

Previously, Rev. Tilas Mom, S.Th, M.Th, was the Secretary of the KINGMI Synod in Papua for the 2015-2020 period and Pdt. DR Benny Giay appointed as Legal and Human Rights Advisor.

The conference was attended by delegates from 13 coordinators and 91 Klasis, closed by Regent of Mimika Eltinus Omaleng at KINGMI Marthen Luther King Church, Mile-32 Timika, Saturday 6 November 2021.

In the new management, Rev. Tilas Mom was accompanied by a number of other administrators, Chairman I Pdt. Yahya Logowan, S.Th, Chair II Pdt. Marthen Keiya, S.Th, Secretariat, Rev. Dominggus Pigay, Deputy Secretary I Pdt. Marthen Mauri, S.Th, Secretary II Wenior Beni Pakage, SH, Treasurer Pdt. Simon Hilapok, M.Th, Treasurer I Pdt. Nathaniel Tabuni, S.Th, treasurer II Rev. Waius Enumbi, S.Th, assisted by 5 advisors, 10 departments and 13 coordinators.

This new board was inaugurated by the pioneer and former Chair of the Synod of the KINGMI Church in Papua, Pdt. Josiah Tebai, M, Th,.

“I hope you have to ask for wisdom from God, don’t walk alone, so that future services can reach the KINGMI people in Papua, which number 600 thousand people,” he said.

A Chairman of the General Committee of the XII KINGMI Conference Willem Wandik, SE, MSi admitted that he was very happy because despite very minimal preparation and on the one hand the committee was faced with the problem of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, as well as the host of Timika Regency which was busy with national activities such as PON and Pesparawi , but the conference was safe and successful.

“Seeing a very conducive and peaceful atmosphere both outside and inside the conference building, shows that the entire congregation loves and has the same feelings to strengthen and reinforce the existence of the KINGMI church in Papua,” he said.

Willem Wandik added that the conference participants should not think wrongly about the stone burning event, of course it would cost a lot of money, but the donations received by the committee from donations from donors, KINGMI cadres, were not all used, the committee would hand over the funds to the management of the new synod to carry out its services in the future.

In this conference, preparatory classes were also defined, namely, the North Timika Classic, the West Beoga Classic, the East Beoga Classic, the East Wangbe Classic, the Mawugi Classic and the South Timika Classic.

The XII KINGMI Synod Conference in 2026 is planned in Manokwari, West Papua Province, while the STT issue will also be given responsibility to the new synod administrator who will complete the first program.

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