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Preventing a Wave 3 of Covid-19, Papuan People are Invoked to be Alert at the Moment of Nataru

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan Provincial Government is preparing the anticipatory steps in dealing with the threat of a third wave of Covid-19 during Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2022.

One of them is by implementing the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) level 3 in accord with the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs Muhammad Tito Karnavian which will be implemented nationally, on December 24, 2021.

An Assistant for the Economy and Welfare of the Papua Regional Secretariat Muhammad Musa’ad asked the public to be vigilant and not be careless at Christmas and New Year, even though the number of Covid-19 patients is still below 10.

“This is for our good, although until today we have brought 10 cases but we must not be careless, keep trying so that later after Christmas and New Year, hopefully everything can be controlled so that we can live comfortably,” said Musa’ad, Tuesday, November 30. 2021.

Actually, said Musa’ad, Papua does not comply the indicators for implementing PPKM level 3, but anticipatory steps are very important for efforts to prevent the soaring of Covid-19 after Christmas and New Year.

“That’s learning from the experience of holiday events being a separate cluster, moreover we ourselves know the new variant and that must be watched out for and nationally steps are taken for quarantine, closing of entrances,” said Musa’ad.

Musa’ad explained that PPKM level 3 has indicators by restricting the capacity of places of worship, events, malls, markets and other public facilities that have the potential for crowds. Restrictions apply to 50 percent of the venue’s capacity.

The Papuan government appealed to hospitals including referral hospitals to be ready to anticipate wave 3 of Covid-19. He also hopes that people will comply with health protocols in their activities.

“The hospital must be ready in terms of the facilities we have built, the most important for us, for all people, religious leaders, women is to provide socialization to our community, especially the 5 M, not only washing hands, maintaining distance but also reducing crowds,” said Musa’ad.

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