Preparing the Central Papua, the Construction of Road and Mayor’s Office Begins – The Mimika Regency Government continues to make preparations for the Division of Central Papua Province, whose capital is Timika City, Mimika Regency.

The Regent of Mimika Regency, Eltinus Omaleng said that the form of preparation carried out was to build a number of multi-year projects, such as Jalan Cenderawasih and Mozes Kilangin Airport Terminal.

This year there is also the addition of the Multiyears project, namely the building of roads from SP2-SP5 which is planned to be the heart of the city.

“The center of the city is over there, that’s why we want to open the road, the width is 37 meters, each road is 15 meters, the median is 3 meters, then the left and right side sidewalks are 2.5 – 2.5 meters, so all 37 meters are bigger than to Cenderawasih,” he said.

Another is the construction of a road from Polsek Kuala to Jayanti (Jalan Mayon) which will be made wide like Jalan Cenderawasih. Also continuing the construction of the outer ring road.

There is also the construction of the Regional Finance and Assets Agency (BKAD) office and the Department of Transportation. The office construction is also a multiyears project.

Another is intersection 8, his party has submitted the program to PU which to begin with stockpiling at the BPKSDM Office to be used as the Mimika Regent’s office in preparation for Central Papua Province.

“This year, we are starting to focus on developing new cities. We unfasten the road first. So that the province does not have to think about it, because we are building a big road and this big building, we want to hand it over to the Province, not to the Regency,” he said.

So that the large buildings built by the Regency to be donated to the Province as a condition for the Province.

“We have recorded the data for the offices that we want to donate to. We have taken all the data. Only the big roads will be called provincial roads,” he concluded.

A Mimika Regency Regional Secretary, Michael Gomar explained that in preparation for this year’s Central Papua province, his party had to do landfilling of the yard of the BPKSDM office of the former Regent’s office.

“Then the planning for the construction of the mayor’s office, the regent’s office will be carried out this year in PU,” explained the Regional Secretary.

There will also be the construction of several district offices, such as Tembagapura, the Midwest Mimika District, and the new Mimika, which will be built on two floors. Another is the construction of approximately 10 village halls.

He also explained that this year, the division of villages and districts had to be implemented. This year, his party has started to form a committee and will inaugurate the Village and District Heads.

“While we first inaugurate the PLT, until the KASN has agreed, then we will definitively inaugurate it,” he explained.

It is said that the division of villages and districts is also one of the conditions to support the province of Central Papua.

“According to the proposal, there are approximately 300 villages that will be divided and the addition of 12 districts so that later it becomes 30 districts,” he concluded.

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