Powerful Papuan Women Leaders

goodmorningpapua.com – Women contribute to green development in Papua. This is because they play a role in maintaining and managing forests as a source of life and knowledge.

At least, there are three women showing their leadership in Papua and West Papua. First, the Head of the Farmers Group in Pangwadar Village, Aminah Ahek in the Kokas District, Fak-Fak Regency, West Papua. He encourages women to be actively involved in Social Forestry groups.

Aminah did this by increasing the representation of women in Village Forest Management Institutions and Social Forestry Business Groups. Second, the Head of Merdey District, Yustina Ogene, in Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua.

He encouraged the representation of women in the DPRD and involved women in customary peace sessions. Also mapped customary forests with the Papuan Arrow organization. Third, Director of the Limited Association for the Study and Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples (PT PPMA) Naomi Marasian in Jayapura, Papua.

He revived the Village-Owned Enterprises and revitalized cocoa and vanilla, and initiated the development of new commodities. Naomi is also pushing for green economy policies. Such as the issuance of the Regent’s Decree 9 of the Tribal Customary Council, the Regional Regulation on the Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Law Communities (PPMHA), the Green Village RPJM, Communal-Based Green Development Regulations, and Ecology-Based Regency Budget Transfers (TAPE).

Apart from these three female figures, there are still many female leaders in Papua who are active in various fields. As many as 20 people were recorded in Papua and 30 people in West Papua. They all work hand in hand to implement the development of the Land of Papua which is in harmony with nature.

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