Port Numbay Festival, Introducing Paalong Beach Tourism in Jayapura

goodmorningpapua.com – Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano opened the Port Numbay Festival which was held at Paalong Beach, Wednesday 29 September 2021. This festival was also an event to introduce Paalong Beach as a new tourism destination.

“I welcome the Port Numbay Festival to introduce this beach (Paalong), as we have introduced Cibery Beach, as well as Base G Beach, Hamadi Beach and several other beaches,” said Tomi Mano on the sidelines of the festival.

According to Tomi Mano, Paalong Beach can be a new choice for people to spend the weekend. Moreover, Paalong Beach offers views of the vast ocean and green grass.

“By introducing this beach, it will be a selling point for the Tabi community, and can preserve the cultures existing around this beach. So let’s keep preserving the culture for the people of Port Numbay on this land, for our future generations,” he said.

Tomi said, Jayapura City has many beautiful places with different charms.

“Port Numbay is a bay within a so beautiful bay, created by God Almighty,” he said.

Tomi Mano also explained why he defended the village in the city so that the culture and customs in Jayapura City would not be lost. For, culture and customs are a legacy for the future generations.

“Why did I defend the village within the city? I want the traditional order to remain in the city, not to be lost, special foods, carvings, crafts, our mother tongue, not to be lost to our children and grandchildren,” said Tomi Mano.

He also asked the community not to sell land to other people, since this land could provide economic value for the family. “Let’s  maintain and care for, don’t sell the land, respect the land that has been given, this land can’t go stale, it can’t perish,” said Tomi Mano.

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