Porkab II Jayapura Is Able to Bring About to Archery Athletes

goodmorningpapua.com – The Indonesian Archery Association (Perpani) of Papua Province provided high appreciation for the implementation of the 2022 District Sports Week (Porkab) in Jayapura Regency.

This appreciation follows the existence of traditional archery numbers in Porkab II Jayapura. Where traditional archery in Porkab II Jayapura is able to give birth to archery athletes from every village.

“We really appreciate it and hope that in the future every district can hold traditional arrow competitions and provide coaching so that natural potential athletes emerge from the village,” said Deputy Chairperson of Perpani Papua Province, Hengky Sawaki, Saturday, July 16, 2022.

For him, this event is excellence and is an example for other regencies and cities, so that Papua really becomes a warehouse for athletes. He also felt grateful and grateful for the existence of Porkab II Jayapura.

“We said it was a warehouse for athletes, but coaching from below did not work, so this event (Porkab) is very good. Moreover, KONI Papua will hold Porprov and Jayapura district has made a selection from this event,” he said on the sidelines of a match at the shooting field, Silas Lanud Papare. .

The same thing was conveyed by Saskarlo Simon as the Sports Coordinator from the South Gresi District who was proud of the traditional arrow competition number in Porkab II.

He hopes that traditional arrow competition numbers will still be included in future sporting events. “With this traditional arrow competition, we hope that the district can also hold regular matches so that we children in the village can also do coaching,” he hoped.

It is known that the traditional number archery sport in Porkab II was only followed by two districts, namely, West Sentani and South Gresi. Meanwhile, the total districts that fielded their athletes in archery included Sentani Kota West Sentani, South Gresi, Depapre, Yokari, Waibu, Kemtuk, Yapsi, Nimborang and Nimborang.

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