PON XX Papua: Let’s Drop in Khalkote Beach, a Playground for Crocodiles!

goodmorningpapua.com – Regarded from its name, Khalkote is not a name for a city in India, but in Papua. Here a travelers can enjoy the coastal environment while watching the  PON XX Papua event.

Khalkote is located on the shores of Lake Sentani, East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

Khalkote is an open space in which is the location of the Lake Sentani Festival. The Lake Sentani Festival itself has become a national tourism event which is always held every June.

Khalkote as a tourism destination is equipped with a boat dock to go to Asei Island which is famous as a producer of bark paintings. In addition, at Khalkote there is an exhibition stand and a stage for dance performances during the Lake Sentani Festival.

During the  PON XX Papua, Khalkote became a  required destination for athletes, officials and PON guests. Khalkote is surrounded by Sago forest. Around  200 meters west of Khalkote is the Yomokho Site.

The Yomokho site is a prehistoric residential site. Ancient humans had activities at this site about 2,590 years ago.

Khalkote is easily accessible by travelers. From Lukas Enembe Main Stadium about 10 minutes by motor vehicle or car.

Khalkote itself comes from the Sentani language, which means a crocodile playground. In the past, Khalkote was a Sago forest which was a habitat for crocodiles.

Population of Asei Island who are chopping sago or fishing, often encounter crocodiles at Khalkote. “Kha” means fish, “Khote” means a place to play. In the Sentani tradition, every encountering with a crocodile, it is very taboo to call it a crocodile, so to refer to a crocodile the term fish is used.

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