PON Papua and an Awakening Momentum for Village

goodmorningpapua.com – The implementation of PON Papua from 2-5 October should be a momentum for the awakening of villages on the earth of Cendrawasih.

Villages must get an economical benefit from the economic circulation during the largest multi-event sporting event in the country.

“The Papuan PON event will have a major impact on the economical circulation of the region. The number of visits to Papua from athletes, officials, and match personnels will increase the flow of money where villages there must be able to feel the impact,” said Minister of Villages for Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Abdul Halim Iskandar, Thursday (16 /9/2021).

He explained that from the results of a working visit to Papua early last week, it was known that the PON preparations were almost accomplished.

As stated by him, this prestigious event will be successful and make the earth of Cendrawasih proud.

“We see that the preparation is very good, and we pray that this event will be a success and be remembered as one of the best sport events in Indonesia,” he said.

Gus-Minister of Abdul Halim Iskandar said that the successful implementation of the Papua PON will have a big impact on the easternmost region of Indonesia.

In terms of implementation, success will align with other regions that are very often to be a host of PON like DKI Jakarta, East Java, Central Java, South Sumatra, and several other regions.

He assessed that the earth of Papua has extraordinary potential. The acceleration of development, including in rural areas, is currently being carried out. The existence of special autonomy funds supported by village funds is a big capital to accelerate the development.

“We hope that the existence of special autonomy funds and village funds will be a great capital for accelerating development, especially the development of rural areas. We believe that with this capital, various problems in the village from the health, education, and economic sectors, the solution can be found, “he said.

Gus-Minister underlined that one of the keys to accelerate a village development in Papua is data improvement.

In his view, a lot of government assistance is not right on target due to the inaccurate data and lack of updates, thus hampering development in villages.

“Because the existing and owned data is not always updated, so all aid is not right on target,” he said.

Therefore, the Gus-Minister  asked the Head of the Village – as the Village Head in Papua – to immediately complete the updating of the  SDGs-based data of village.

Later, said Abdul Halim, every policy and village development must refer to these data.

Thus, government assistance will reach the eligible villagers.

“If the data is updated, in 2024 there will be no more extreme poor people, the key is data,” explained Gus-Minister.

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