Political Parties Invoke National Elements to Realize Prosperous Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A chairman of the PKS Faction of the DPR RI, Jazuli Juwaini, invokes all elements of the nation and society to collaborate in realizing the welfare of the people which the founders of the nation aspired to.

“Anyone who is a citizens of Sorong City and Regency and people throughout the Land of Papua, please join PKS and use this party to build the motherland, especially to build the Land of Papua within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (18/7). ).

For him, the Land of Papua is a part of God’s gift to Indonesia, which is a piece of heaven created with the beauty and richness of nature. The natural wealth, he added, must be empowered as much as possible for the prosperity of the Papuan people.

“For this reason, PKS is present amid the people of Papua and West Papua, especially in the city and district of Sorong. PKS wants to be a part of the Papuan people who are jointly struggling to improve the welfare and quality of human resources, so that people are self-sufficient in this easternmost region of Indonesia. ,” he said.

Jazuli ensured that PKS worked for all Indonesians regardless of ethnic background, culture, religion, and social status.

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