PMK, Merauke, and Sacrificial Animals – A Regional Government of Merauke has tightened supervision of the delivery of sacrificial animals to a number of areas in the Papua region to anticipate the spread of oral and skin diseases or FMD.

A Head of the Animal Health Section of the Merauke Food Security, Livestock and Animal Health Service, Doctor Retno, said that the delivery of sacrificial animals to a number of areas in Papua was conducted in stages through health checks, including mandatory quarantine.

“For sacrificial cows, they must undergo quarantine for 14 days. During the quarantine period, the health of the sacrificial animals is monitored by the animal health team every day,” said Retno, Thursday, June 16, 2022.

So far, said Retno, her party has not found mouth and skin diseases attacking cows in Merauke. However, his party continues to anticipate by refusing the entry of wet meat and pure cow’s milk from outside Papua.

Retno recorded that a number of regions in Papua had asked for sacrificial cattle from Merauke, starting from the Mimika Regency as many as 220, Mappi as many as 40, Yahukimo as many as 10, Asmat as many as 19 and Biak as many as 7.

Meanwhile, Wamena and Boven Digoel, said Retno, there has been no confirmation of the request. “For the needs of Merauke Regency, it reaches 800 heads,” he explained.

He added that the sacrificial cows that will be sent to areas in Papua are currently under the supervision of the Animal Health Center or the district level Puskeswan. “We serve the slaughter of sacrificial animals at the Slaughterhouse (RPH) for free for 2 days,” said Retno.

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