PLTD Tiom Officially Operates, Lanny Jaya People Enjoy Electricity Again – The Diesel Power Plant (PLTD) with a capacity of 2 Mega Watts, located in Tiom City, has finally started operating. The operation was marked by pressing the starter button by Lanny Jaya Regional Secretary, Petrus Wakerkwa, on Monday 8 November 2021.

According to Regional Secretary Petrus Wakerkwa, the PLTD Tiom has the second biggest power plant in the Central Highlands of Papua, after PLTD Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency.

Petrus also expressed his gratitude that the people of Lanny Jaya were able to enjoy electricity again after a long time of not being served due to the damage to the diesel engine belonging to the Lanny Jaya Regency Government.

“Currently we and the whole community feel grateful to God, since starting today everyone can enjoy electricity service after a long time of not being served due to the diesel engine belonging to the Lanny Jaya Regency Government which was damaged and also the previous engine capacity was small,” said Petrus, Monday 8 November 2021.

Petrus believes that the operation of the PLTD in Lanny Jaya Regency will improve all government, development and community services, as expected so far.

Not only that, said Petrus, the positive impact of the operation of the PLTD will also increase the home industry managed by the community and SMEs in Lanny Jaya. For example, he gave an example, furniture, tofu companies, and other businesses that use electricity as an energy source.

“I urge a Head of ESDM (Maikel Alom) who handles this activity to immediately prepare human resources to be trained and learn specifically to be able to operate the diesel engine, so that the engine does not suffer damage due to unprofessional mechanics,” he suggested.

A Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources Division of Lanny Jaya Regency, Maikel Alom said the two machines in the PLTD Tiom can illuminate and be used by the people of Tiom District and its surroundings.

“So the two machines will be operated alternately every six hours. We hope that next year the training program on the use and management of this machine will be approved, so that this machine can last a long time because it is managed by qualified human resources and can be felt by the people of Lanny Jaya, “he hoped.

Maikel appealed to the people of Lanny Jaya not to install illegal electricity that could endanger themselves and others. “If you want to install and enjoy electricity, report it immediately so it can be handled,” he advised.

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