PLN’s Commitment to Illuminate PLBN Yetetkun Boven Digoel, Papua – PLN has succeeded in electrifying the Yetetkun Integrated Cross-Border Post (PLBN) in Ninati District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua. The PLBN which is directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea is one of the three PLBNs operating in Papua, in addition to the Skouw PLBN and the Sota PLBN.

Currently PLBN of Yetetkun has officially become a PLN customer with an initial power of 147,000 VA. In the process, PLN needs to build a medium-voltage power network (JTM) of 20.34 kms, add 1 substation and build a low-voltage electricity network (JTR) to distribute electricity from the Diesel Power Plant in Waropko.

Abrar added that the electricity network, which was completed in March 2022, is expected to be useful and beneficial for the progress of people in border areas. “With the construction of an electricity network in the Yetetkun PLBN area, it is hoped that it will become a driver of economic activity in border areas and the need for electricity for local residents can be met,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Official for Commitment Making, Strategic Infrastructure and Development for Region I of Papua Province, Roni Rosaji, appreciated PLN’s efforts to electrify the Yetetkun PLBN. “I represent the Ministry of PUPR and on behalf of service providers from contractors, I would like to thank you very much for our project, which has been assisted with electricity connection to support one of the tasks of the government to build infrastructure in the outermost and deepest areas of Indonesia, one of which is at this border,” he concluded. .

Roni also hopes to continue to synergize with PLN to encourage the progress of the Yetetkun border. “Hopefully in the future PLN will continue to support us during development and hopefully later by connecting electricity in this border area, it can develop more border areas, especially in Yetetkun,” he added.

Work on the Yetetkun PLBN construction itself began in February 2020. Previously, President Joko Widodo had inaugurated two PLBNs in Papua, namely the Skouw PLBN in Muara Tami District, Jayapura City in 2017 and the Sota PLBN in Merauke in 2021.

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