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PLN Strengthens Electricity Supply in Central Papua Province

goodmorningpapua.com – PT PLN (Persero) succeeded in finishing the construction of the High Voltage Air Duct (SUTT) and the 150 kV Substation (GI) PLTMG Timika – GI Timika to increase the reliability of electricity in Mimika Regency.

This was marked by the provision of electric voltage (energize) for circuit 1 which was successfully carried out on Thursday afternoon, (29/12/2022) at 12.35 WIT.

A Papua Project Implementation Unit (UPP) Manager, Nove Ardianto revealed that this work started with a contract since 2021 which focused on completing the 150 kV Timika 2×60 MVA GI, the 150 kV PLTMG Timika SUTT – Timika GI and the construction of 3 bays PLTMG Timika 30 GI MVA. It is the first high-voltage electricity infrastructure project in Mimika Regency, Central Papua Province.

“So far, electricity in Mimika Regency, which has a peak load of 30 MW, has been supplied from the 10 MW Timika PLTD and PLTMG generators through a 20 kV network,” said Nove.

“We have carried out this energize implementation after a series of stages, such as test and commissioning and marked by the issuance of a Voltage Worthy Recommendation (RLB) from the PT PLN (Persero) Certification Center, so that with the completion of this energize it can reduce distribution losses from the previous 9 .55℅ to 8.63℅ during peak load times and of course it will further increase electricity sales with a potential income of approximately 3.05 billion per year,” continued Nove.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of the Maluku and Papua Main Development Unit (UIP), Sukahar, emphasized that the movement of the economy must be supported by reliable, adequate electricity supplies.

“With this abundant regional potential, of course, through reliable electricity supply, it is hoped that it can immediately accelerate superior programs and support city development plans with integrated business and office centers in the Mimika district,” said Sukahar.

“In addition to guaranteeing the availability of a reliable supply of electric power, the operation of the transmission network, substations and generators will further strengthen regional competitiveness in boosting the economy, growing new potentials and improving people’s quality of life,” he continued.

“This development was conducted with very strict quality and time supervision, as well as the application of K3 aspects to avoid the risk of work accidents. Thank you for the hard work of electricity fighters PLN UIP Maluku & Papua, PLN UPP Papua, as well as the active role and support of the Central Government, Regional Government, Legal Institutions, Stakeholders and all elements of society who have succeeded in the development of this electricity infrastructure,” said Sukahar.

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