PLN, KPK, and BPN Secure Papua’s Electricity Assets Worth Rp19 Billion – During 2021, PT PLN (Persero) together with the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency or ATR/BPN and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have taken care of the legal basis for various electrical assets in Papua. The total value of the electricity assets reached Rp. 19 billion. The management of various electrical assets includes the completion of certificates for 45 plots of land assets in Papua Province.

Various other assets being managed on a legal basis include power plants, high-voltage overhead line transmissions (SUTT) and substations. A Regional Business Director for Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua and Nusa Tenggara, Syamsul Huda said nationally there were 64,867 the certified land fields by means of a collaboration between PLN, BPN and the KPK. Last year, the collaboration secured 20,000 land certificates, with an asset value of Rp. 6.3 trillion.

This year, PLN has received more than 16,000 additional land certificates around Indonesia. “The Ministry of ATR has helped us greatly, from the central to the regional level, in implementing PLN’s asset management through the certification program,” said Syamsul Huda in Jayapura City, Tuesday (23/23). /11/2021).

According to Syamsul, a similar collaboration has also succeeded in issuing certificates for 45 plots of land used by PLN in Papua. He stated that this achievement was thanks to the support of the Papuan Provincial Government in the construction of the electricity project in Bumi Cenderawasih. Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Alexander Marwata, assessed that the collaboration between the government, PLN and BPN was very important, because indeed one of the modes of corruption in Indonesia is embezzlement of state assets. Alex stated that PLN’s asset security efforts were very important.

“The certification process is important as a legal protection, because it is very vulnerable if land assets do not have a valid legal basis. Moreover, PLN’s business is very important in providing electricity supply for the community, so we are taking innovative steps to accelerate the certification process for PLN assets,” said Alex. A Head of the Papua Province BPN Regional Office, John Wicklif Aufa, explained that his party strongly supports efforts to secure electrical assets in Papua.

“BPN cannot work alone. Instead of requiring synergy to jointly develop Papua,” said John. He stated that his party needed the discretion of the central and regional governments in saving assets in forest areas, because many land parcels belonged to the state which could not be certified. “For a better Indonesia, BPN is ready to serve,” he concluded.

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